What would you choose… the wine or the gig?

You have £4.77 in spare in your pocket. What would you chose? A smooth Australian red, a crisp White, or someone to translate your documents, help you with Maths, or review your comedy routine? Decisions, decisions...?


For those of you unaware of its existence, ‘Fiverr’ it is a web based company which offers ‘Freelance Services Marketplaces for the Lean Entrepreneur’.  Sellers offer services (called Gig’s) for ‘almost anything’ starting at only $5. Occasionally you may encounter the odd hiccup; it can however provide an extremely cost effective solution to many a lean entrepreneur’s problem.

Personally, I have found it very worthwhile on the couple of occasions I have used it and I have often marvelled over the apparent good value of Business card design, Website help and promotional videos starting at only $5.

The gigs I have selected are a little more unusual; however the idea was to pick services that may be genuinely useful.

Why £4.77?

The 5 in Fivver obviously relates to dollars, and at the time of starting to research this piece, (post Brexit vote, and as the dust settled on the Trump inauguration), the UK exchange rate quoted for $5 was £3.97. Add the 80 pence commission fee charged, and the total reached was £4.77.

“In the Wine Corner”

So what wine to select for £4.77 or less?

I was shown a diagram once, illustrating how the vast majority of the price for a wine costing less that £5 was tax, and import costs, and the actual value of the wine in the bottle was around 16 pence! To try and maximise the chances of chances of finding some agreeable wines for the price, I opted to select my favourite from 6 different supermarkets, hoping they may have been able to use their purchasing power to squeeze every drop of value from the modest budget, deliberately avoiding the supermarket ‘own’ brands to allow people to source the wines from different suppliers.

So here are my wine recommendations for under £4.77. But my question to you is; would you choose the wine or the gig if you could only pick one?

Wine vs. Gig 1 (Tesco)

Blaxland Estate Shiraz or Mock Interview via Skype?

Blaxland Estate Shiraz or Mock Interview via Skype?

The selection from Tesco (£4.70) is the South Eastern Australian Blaxland Estate Shiraz. This is an old favourite I have enjoyed frequently, it certainly has a distinct dark fruit flavour and I consider it to be excellent value.

But, would you prefer the opportunity undertake a mock interview by Human Resource Professional? Perhaps as preparation for a real interview, you can send the details of the job you are being considered for and they will provide questions, conduct a 10 minute mock interview, and give feedback at the end.

Remember you can only choose one!

Wine vs. Gig 2 (Sainsbury’s)

Kumala Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon or 30 Minute Thai Lesson?

Kumala Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon or 30 Minute Thai Lesson?

From Sainsbury’s, (£4.50,) I selected the easy drinking Kumala Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon blend from South Africa. It has a crisp English summer fruit flavour, and served slightly cooler than I usually drink my Sauvignon Blanc’s, considered it very agreeable.

But I could have a 30 minute Lesson teaching, or improving my Thai Speaking, listening or writing skills. I will be honest, currently my conversational Thai currently consists of smiling and waving, but the thought of being able to exchange a few words in a restaurant may be worthwhile.

Wine vs. Gig 3 (Aldi)

Vignobles Roussellet Malbec or Virtual horseback riding lesson?

I do like this Vignobles Roussellet Malbec from Aldi (£4.49). I think it is a very good wine for the price. My only reservation would be that I think there are some fantastic value Argentinian Malbecs available starting around £6 so if I were buying a Malbec  (and I often do)  I feel it’s worth paying the extra for a South American alternative.

Now, instead of the wine I could have a virtual horseback riding lesson. Sending a video of a recent lesson to this experienced award winning competitor, along with my training goals, and current level of training, I will receive comments on areas to improve and methods to do. To ensure it is not a generic feedback, the comments are related to ‘time’ on the video.

Now I have limited experience as a horse rider, and that is how I intend it to remain, but my wife may enjoy this service. However if there was someone that could improve my Tennis Serve, or Golf Swing then this level of sporting analysis would be of interest.

Wine vs. Gig 4 (Lidl)

Grillo Terre Siciliane or Translation into Italian?

Grillo Terre Siciliane or Translation into Italian?

For the 4th round I created an all Italian contest. With the Grillo Terre Siciliane from Sicily, purchased from Lidl (£4.49) paired with Italian Translation service. This is a wine that certainly has flavour, body, and would accompany a fish dish with ease. Or I could have up to 500 words translated from English to Italian by a linguist. Similar services are available for other languages including Spanish, French, Greek or Filipino, should you require them.

Wine vs. Gig 5 (Asda)

McGuigan Shiraz or Help from a Maths Expert?

McGuigan Shiraz or Help from a Maths Expert?

This is the second Australian Shiraz selected, and at £4.00 is the most economical on the list. I have often been bought this bottle by friends, and certainly feel it punches well above its price tag. Having drunk this with almost every meal imaginable, and also without food, I feel this fruit driven red was an obvious choice.

However a Maths genius helping with Algebra, Geometry, Linear Algebra, or Vectors could certainly be a benefit in certain circumstances, especially for those struggling with a particular tricky assignment.

Wine vs. Gig 6 (Morrison’s)

Banrock Station Colombard / Chardonnay or Review your comedy routine?

Banrock Station Colombard / Chardonnay or Review your comedy routine?

This may be me the toughest decision of all. The Best way to describe this Banrock Station Colombard and Chardonnay Australian blend from Morrison’s (£4.50) is to picture a summer day in a friend’s garden, enjoying an all-day BBQ. This is the wine you are given and it fits the day perfectly! At 11% it allows you to have that extra half glass, and the balance of Watermelon and citrus flavours and crisp finish makes drinking it a pleasure. Who does not love days like these?

But I could have someone review my comedy routine.

Being honest, I don’t have a comedy routine. Yet!

But having found this gig all of a sudden I wanted one. Imagine the chance to create a comedy routine, and have it reviewed by an experienced comedy writer and performer, who will feedback what works, what needs cutting, and how to improve. All without the risk of having to perform at a comedy open mic event, which is a terrifying prospect.

Wine or Gig?

I avoided the more bizarre offers of tipping cans of beans over the head, or videos dancing in a style of my choice, and attempted to select useful gigs that created deliberation. My final personal selection totalled 4 wines and 2 gigs, although at this point I will not try to influence your selection by saying which of the wines I selected.

I would be interested to hear what balance of gigs and wines other people chose.

As I said at the start.  Decisions, decisions.

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