What are the chances of a rolling a double 6?

Rather unlikely in our house.

Super quick answer… The chances of rolling a double 6 on two standard dice are 1 in 36. Done!

(I know what you are thinking… what on earth has that got to do with wine?)

Chances of rolling a double sixThe Explanation

I have been married for 10 years this summer, and we had been ‘together’ for 9 years prior to that fantastic day. If you know anything about marriage you will know that makes us ‘reasonably compatible’, and we agree on… some things.

We enjoy chasing sunsets together; share a sense of adventure; adore our children, and love a band called ‘James’; Although we have different favourite band members.

We both became interested in wine many years ago after a vineyard tasting experience gift, and have never looked back. My marriage proposal was made kneeling between the grapes of a quaint Marlborough Vineyard, and we honeymooned in Napa…Twice.

(The first honeymoon was disrupted after a bike accident outside the ZD winery; yes we are that couple. Thank you to everyone who helped us that day.)

Like most people who have committed themselves to such a long sentence together, we know our life is about teamwork and compromise, and I would suggest nothing emphasises this more than choosing Wine. More often than not we pick a wine we both enjoy; but not really love, due to our slightly different tastes.

I know the simple answer is to open a bottle each, but that feels rather extravagant. (Especially when Wine goes brilliantly with almost everything I cook!)

Scoring System

Since the beginning of our Wine adventures together, we have used a basic numerical system of rating wines out of 6. This system requires you to at decide if something is above, or below average, with no easy way out option of selecting the middle answer. (An idea ‘borrowed’ after reading an article describing ‘how to construct a survey.’ It is amazing what you read on a plane!)

This system is quick and has been easy for friends to pick up that are new to wine tasting. (I would not be able to accurately state how many wines we have tasted since using this system, but there are probably 4 digits involved.)

We have been very fortunate in our vine adventures, experiencing some amazing wines, often in fantastic settings. We have enjoyed a number of wines that we have both rated very highly. Yet how many times have we both given the maximum score. The elusive double 6.

Double 6’s

Would you believe after 17 years of tasting, with thousands of contenders, only two wines have ever obtained the elusive double 6. (Who says married couples can't agree?)

This has more to do with ones tastes than the wines than tasted.  The wine palette is different for everyone, and this illustrates how difficult winemaking can be when two (compatible) people struggle to find an agreement. Imagine if you threw a third person into the mix. What about 10? Or one million? What it does suggest is that if wines get consistently high scores from a number of people then the winemakers must be doing a brilliant job.

For the record the first double 6 was a Rombauer Atlas Peak Vineyard, 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon, and the bottle we bought home was saved until we toasted the arrival of our children in 2014.

The second is a 2008 Louis M. Martini Monte Rosso Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon. It is still in the ‘special rack’ and will be savoured on a suitable occasion.

I would never have believed both would be Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a style that usually does not rank at the top of our favourites, but (on the day we tasted them) were out of this world.

Maybe you and your best wine drinking buddy are more compatible, and you have more double 6’s than us. Maybe you have not found a rating system, if not feel free to borrow ours. What I do know is that I will enjoy the journey for the next elusive double 6.

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