The Merrymaker

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  • 4 Bottles of wine delivered to your door
  • Guess the Continent, Nationality, and Grape varieties
  • Scorecards included
  • Results contained in a wax sealed envelope
  • Ideal for dinner parties or to share with friends
  • Unusual gift idea
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The concept…

  • For £54 (inc. p&p) we will send you 4 bottles of unlabelled wine through the post to host your own wine tasting competition night
  • All you have to do is guess the continent and nationality or the wine and the grape varieties included
  • Use the scorecards to collate each players answers
  • Then break the wax seal on the envelope to reveal the answers

How we score The Merrymaker box…

There is a maximum of 4 points per wine – 16 points overall:

  • The Country the wine was produced (1 Point)
  • The Continent the wine is from (1 Point)
  • The Main Grape variety (1 point)
  • If it is a single grape variety or a blend (1 point)

Supplementary Scores…

For a little extra fun rate each wine. The scorecard contains a space to mark each wine out of 5, so you can see which wine was the most popular overall. Maybe it will be an old favourite, or maybe it will be something less familiar…

1 review for The Merrymaker

  1. Dave

    Great fun and great Wine.

  2. Carol Williams

    Great value

  3. Nichola Brooks

    Really enjoyed the whole concept of this. It was an excellent Xmas present from my sister. It was completed over a series of evenings. I will know where to come in future when I have a gathering of friends and we want to do something a bit different from the norm.

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