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Why region and not ‘hint of Kumquat’

Suspicious wines blind wine online tasting gameA debate started at a wine tasting party I hosted about the story of ‘expert’ tasters describing white wine with red food colouring with all the usual description given to a red.

We wondered how much does the person in the street know, and pondered if an average Joe who loves wine would be more successful than experts given the right conditions.

You have clicked on where that debate took us….

Much of the conservation about wine is ‘subjective’ and I have read articles on how many as 10 descriptions are given to some wines to describe their taste. I have also read that current research suggests the human palate can only pick up 4 tastes in a single mouthful. So what is true?

To be honest… I don’t care.

I prefer a very berry driven red but I cannot always tell which berry.

I once teased a friend because she said she could taste plum… and she was wrong... the description on the bottle clearly said damson!!

It is for these reasons that I have not included elements I feel are ‘subjective’.

How can you pick all 10 flavours someone else claims to be able to taste in a mouthful of wine… and who said they were right anyway?

Here at Suspicious Wines we have tried to make the game as objective as possible, dealing only in elements we can prove; ‘Where is it from?’, ’What is the grape variety?’, ‘How expensive is it?’.

And if a new world wine confuses us with it’s subtly and complexity and makes us think it’s from an old world region, then that’s part of the game, and we can all learn together.

If nothing else, our aim is to try and find some great wines, and using economies of scale (I remember that from an ‘A’ level Economics lesson many years ago) get plenty of bang for our buck.

I am interested in what rating wines will get from people when they are tasted blind.

And of course to see who wins each month.

Good luck!




Founder, Suspicious Wines