How do I take the challenge?

All you have to do is sign up before the 19th of the month to play for the following challenge. (E.G. Sign up by the 19th April to play the Challenge in May.)

Can I play if I live outside the UK?

We hope to open this up to players from other countries as soon as possible.

What happens if a Bottle arrives in the post and is broken?

Contact us and tell us which one, and we will send you another.

Can I buy some more bottles of the wine I like?

At present we are concentrating only on the game, so cannot send out individual bottles. However we will give you details of where you can buy the wines we have tasted.

When will I get the wine?

It should arrive by the first of the month.

How does it arrive?

By courier, (Parcelforce). They will require a signature, but will leave instructions if you are not in. They will also not leave the wine with a minor.

How do I submit my Scores?

Log into the website and use the drop down menus any time before the end of the month and the results league will get published at the start of the following month.

What happens if I want to pick a Country / Region / Grape that is not on the list?

If it is not an option in the drop down menus then it will not be one of answers, so you may have to have another sip and choose a different option…

What happens if I win?

You get the following month’s box for free. And we will also make a fuss of you on here!