Does the wine you are drinking describe your character?

Does the wine you are drinking describe your character? … I really hope not, and hope you are much more complex.

I did some research...

Wine you drink say about your characterI am pausing for a second while I consider the shock those four words may cause some of the unfortunate school teachers and lecturers that may have encountered a younger ‘me’. But I did some research… by accident…. and then I got grumpy and could feel a rant coming on. (Ranting sounds more like ‘me’ than research) So I thought it best to pen my thoughts and see if that helped my blood pressure … (rather than reach for a glass of wine that, as my research had suggested, would tell you everything you could possibly needed to know about my character.)

Generic Character Descriptors

I would guess it is my own fault. In a roundabout way I was considering the concept ‘if the wine you drink was linked to character traits’; and maybe it was more about the search engines selected, or SEO rankings, but the selection of pages I read took me on a journey from reflection, through confusion, towards frustration, at which I decided to disembark before exasperation.

There may have been other articles written on the subject, but I had read enough.

I will obviously not mention the sites I encountered, but they were a numerous.  However, the theme was the same. They gave a list of wines varietals, and wrote a short paragraph outlining the character of people who drank that wine.

For example - If you’re a drinker of Pinot Grigio you will be adventurous, trustworthy, and loyal. If you drink Sauvignon Blanc you are smart, sophisticated and super cool.

Really! So how does this work? If I drink a Sav today I am sophisticated and tomorrow exotic or thoughtful depending on my wine choice?

What about if I am in a restaurant picking between two wines, does that mean I am also choosing between someone who ‘reads the classics’ or someone that is ‘sexually adventurous’ (these were two genuine descriptors used)  What if I am both? … (Or more likely, neither.)

Maybe, just maybe, I like the taste, and it matches what I am eating,  or how I am feeling, or who I’m with, or, what is left in my bank account, or where I am (because I am a flirt, but the Merlot in this place is terrible, so what should I do?)

Does the wine you are drinking describe your characterHad they all been the same I may have felt differently, but the descriptors were often very different for the same wines. (Except Riesling… if you drink that you are cute and sweet. Is that because the wine is often sweet? Just a thought.) I feel it was written with all the accuracy of a school newsletter horoscope page, and even the word generic feels too tight for these descriptors.

That Wine Sounds Like Me!

What was worse,  I read replies from some people to say how the description was exactly right! Honestly? This led me to three questions…

  1. Do you fit the Chardonnay description perfectly, or do you just want to (it does sound a great descriptor and anyone would feel proud if they fell into that classification)
  2. Do you fit any of the other types of wine descriptors?
  3. What happens when you drink a different wine?

I decided enough was enough, and needed to think less about this topic. I contemplated finishing this post with a detailed description of the type of people who drank Dondghlabi Tetri because I am certain they are all reclusive multilingual gymnasts, with a penchant for silent films and spanking, but I felt that would be childish. 

You in a time and Place

What I do hope, is that the wine you drink reflects only a fraction of your character. The places you hope to visit, the sports teams you follow, the people you admire, the books you read and the films that make you cry give a much clearer picture.

And the wine… is a judgment of you in that moment of time.

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