The Challenge

The concept is very simple...

  • For £75 a month (inc. p&p) we will send you 6 bottles of unlabeled, quality wine through the post each month
  • All you have to do is guess the nationality, region, varieties included and high street value
  • Enter your answers online, and we do the rest
  • Results are published in a league table the following month, with great prizes for our winners

How we score...

There is a maximum of 5 points per wine - 30 points overall:

  • The country the wine was produced (1 Point)
  • The region the wine is from (1 Point)
  • The grape varieties included (2 points maximum)
    • 1 point each for the two main grape varietals in a blend or two for a single variety.)
  • An estimate of the RRP for the wine (1 Point)

In the event of a tie we will ask you estimate the Alcoholic Volume (ABV) of the wines each month and ‘closest to the pin’ wins

Tasting Suggestions…

If you are a member of a wine tasting society or club, you are welcome to work as team and use your combined knowledge and skill

If you want to enjoy the wine alone or as a couple throughout the month then be our guest

If you want to use it as an excuse to gather some friends together each month to try and guess our wines then ‘the more the merrier’

Admit it... you would like to tell your friends you won a wine tasting competition!

Supplementary Scores…

For a little extra fun, we ask you to rate each wine

A mark out of 5 can be awarded for how much we enjoyed the wine, and you can also rate each wine online once the results are published

This has no bearing on the competition, but may help you remember how much you enjoyed it and allows us to observe your views on each wine and give comparisons

Maybe together we will discover some hidden gems and give their creators a well-deserved pat on the back!