Suspicious Wines Tasting Events


  • Evening of blind wine tasting played as a game
  • A range of different wines
  • Tuesday night
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • in Chester, UK

Product Description

Join us for an entertaining evening of blind Wine tasting with a fun competitive twist, as we bring one of our game boxes to life with our new Suspicious Wines ‘Explorer Live’ tasting nights.

Playing with our ‘Explorer’ rules, your aim is to guess;

  • The Continent
  • The Country
  • The main Grape Varietal
  • and if the wine is a blend or a single varietal

of 6 different wines, scoring 1 point for each correct answer.

Suitable for anyone who has an interest in wine, we are sure you will enjoy this wine experience in our relaxed environment (anyone tasting must be over 18).

We consider this game similar to a pub quiz where the questions are all in liquid form.

We have secured a fantastic new venue for our tasting nights in the Center of Chester at

Chester Health Store, 59 Bridge Street Row, CH1 1NW.

Parking available in the city if your safe designated driver requires it.

Tasting nights take place on a Tuesday night, with doors opening at 7.30 with a welcome drink and a brief explanation of the rules, and the first of the Game wines poured at 7.45

Wine, glassware, scorecards and pens included.

If you would like any more information about this event, please get in touch.